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Groover Maintenance Information

  • Keep Groover off the ground to prevent dirt and grit from entering working parts.
  • Clean Groover daily by blowing or wiping off all chips and excess cutting oil.
  • For gear case (Model 250 & Model BPB-112) - check lubrication level annually by removing housing cover plate and fill as required with Mobilplex EP024, or equivalent, to 1/2 pint capacity.
  • For gear case (Model A only) - Gear case is sealed and requires no lubrication.
  • For grease fittings (Model A & Model BPB-112) - Roller bearing have one grease fittings on each shaft. These should be greased every eight hours of operation with a quality bearing grease to keep dirt out of bearings.
  • For grease fittings (Model 250) - The tool has four grease fittings; one located in front on the upper roller shaft; two at the rear of the unit, one on the lower roller drive shaft and the other on the reduction drive shaft; the last fitting is located at the side of the unit on the upper roller slide. Lubricate pressure screw threads and roller slide with light engine oil.
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